number 15

Allright Wheres My son as pendorays father arrived he is battling my son brother… said wazeys father heres how it goes
you die then light wins Never responded pens dad  they both draw there swords  I Dont Want to do this Pens  father said Bring
responded wazeys dad they both drew their swords if I Kill you you will never see your son grow up! said pens dad
Stop trying to imitate ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then wazeys dad tryd to stab pens dad STOP We can Make peace together said pens dad
then wazey jumped trying to kill pens dad then pens dad Cut Off Wazeys Dad Hand DAMN ahh god…then wazeys father started to
cry  and then he just layed down pens father drooped his sword and said sorry brother may you feel better,in peace wazeys father
said for everyone to start fighting wheres squishy pens father asked dead because of your sons cyborg wait i can heal him
so light and dark side came together and aggreed for no war notherwise started to speak  we shall not have war but when
a menace comes or when we need to fight once more let dark side and light side draw swords together and fight together
wazey walked up to allie, will you marry me allie? yes responded allie so   the light side made a castle
that will be able to hold light and dark side  the cyborgs armie continued to grow and get stronger squishydonuts armie was
growing and developing their long and close range fighting skills Wazey Found Out that pendoray is his brother Notherwise
and his sister continue to create weapons,now, Wazey Wazeys Father Yoho99 Cashman Pendoray Notherwise Kingkobra Allie
Squishydonut Jmm19 Thelaw13 all became friends light and dark now have the same tenchiques

The End
Wriiten By Notherwise’
Sequel Of the story
Coming Soon…


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