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8 Years Later… Pendoray 4!

It’s been maybe 8 years since I last posted on this site and I, Pendoray, have returned to start a new wordpress blog and get a new online community gathered and together. 🙂 It’s hopefully going to be a lot of fun and, considering technology has grown quite a bit over the years, maybe we’ll see some good growth.

The link is: for anyone who’s interested!

Thank you everyone who followed me long ago and contributed to the many websites I participated in. Those were fantastic times. 🙂


New Header!

I uploaded a new header to the website so hope you like it. Also Wayzey not much has happened besides King quiting. In CP related news: Rockhoppers ship crashed, and he paddled to safety with yarr. It seems the mysterious glacier caused the ship to crash. If you think you know what will happen please share your thoughts here where the first amendment truly matters!



I got a new dog! I went to my friends birthday party, and he gave me one of his dogs puppies. I’m exactly sure what she is yet, but she is mixed with a Boxer. She is pure tan no spots or anything. Shes 9 weeks old. Shes so adorable I’ll post a pic of me holding her as soon as I get my webcam to work.


Notherwise Got a new dog!

Notherwise got a new Rock Wieller, and he gave me a picture of it, and I decided to make a cartoon version of it. Here’s the cartoon version, and then the real version.



Pendo City!

I opened up Pendo City at the more you visit the more it grows so please visit it as much as you can! I would really appreciate it… Thank You

~~ Pendoray 8) ~~



I need someone who really knows their way around CP, and can post the lastest news, and events going on in Club Penguin. The requirments are: Must have a penguin that’s atleast a year old, know all the secrets of CP, and are a member. Comment below if you would like to be a CP news reporter.


New Admin Badges

I put a badge for all the admins on the sidebar take a look>>

Those are the current admins so respect, and obey them.

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About Pendoray

Hi, I'm Pendoray I'm 12 my old site got deleted. This is my new site with all your internet needs. If you have any suggestions please tell me your suggestions on a post. If you wanna meet me my CP name is Neltron he gave me his account, I go on Mamouth, but sadly I'm not currently a member. If you have any questions ask me also my email is my AOL email is, and my aim name is amanmanders. ~~Pendoray~~

My Chatbox!

Come here to yap your head off!! I'm normally on from 6:00 to 10:30.

About the site

We have Dark side and Light side they are constantly at war and are currently under construction. Soon you will be able to choose a side to represent, or be a rogue and be against everyone. There is also my pics, and my artwork check them out and see if you like them. I will also sometimes post about my life, which is very exciting sometimes.

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