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Light vs Dark 14 THE WAR BEGINS!!! please comment

Get the ladders up there pendoray said to the cyborgs 10 ladders going all across the long wall of the castle
hundreds of cyborgs climbing the castle Kill them all squishydonut said CO NESTIA VIOCO! all of his men ready to kill the cyborgs
that were coming up the ladders squishydonuts men werent good at hand to hand they were good at only far range Swuishydonut Jmm RETREAT
king wazey said  Then cyborg commader came behind squishydonut and AHH squishy said then again squishy dropped for the
THROUGH the gates cyborg commmander ordered his armie break through the gates! theyve breeched the gates wazey said pull everyone back said
king wazey Pull back PUll back theyve breeached the gates Hold Your Position Pendoray Said to the cyborg Make Farther Lines
Wazey  kingwazey said  theyve stooped marching  Arrow No Ve Daed jmm19 Said  POWERVORTEX pendoray said Get in the portal so
Pendoray,Notherwise,Kingkobra,Cashman,And Yoho99, then they were standing right infront of the light side,
Notherwise Started To Speak We wont kill you wazey, or any of your little Peasents Grrr wazey snarled  we are going to let you live
If you turn your soldiers to the dark side never!! DIE CO NO VESTIOSO jmm shouted About 10 arrows went through cashman
DIE!! Wazey Shouted  As He Cut Notherwise Arm Off NOOO BROTHER! allie and kobra shouted TRAITOR Wazey said “Soldiers…
Notherwise Said Kill them As Cashman And Notherwise  fell on the floor left for the dead  Lets Take this to the next level
wazey took all of them  to the area where duels where formed Pendorays Father has came wazey said.. Myy Father Pendoray said
Yes Responded wazey

To Be Continued
Written By Notherwise


Light Vs Dark 13

Uhh I Must Get Up Thought Thelaw13 After Getting Stabbed By Cyborg Commander He took his hand and said  
telosensation and he was at their base.Notherwise There Is 99,0000 OF them Not anymore Thelaw13 Left This He threw a
patch it is a button to kill all usn PRESS IT!!!!!! Notherwise Said Yes All soldiers in front of wazey droped Dead Telsonation
Said wazey HOW THE F*** do they do that Notherwise Said Hey Pendoray Happy Birthday Hoowddd You Know Dont Worry Said Notherwise
Cyborg Commander Held Out His Hand ISOLATION Sensation Said Commander 10 Thousand Soldiers Appeared,  Listen Father Wazey Said
To King Wazey We Are Lost OPEN the gates shouted Squishydonut A Horn Started To Blow 1 Thousand Of Squishydonuts Fine Soldiers
Jmm said How is this possible? Dont Worry Bout It Alright Hold You Ground For  War..Kill them!!! said all 10 thousand soldiers
marching to the castle Nami Co Do Evesta Squishy Donut Shouted To His Men whats that mean asked wazey it means give them mercy as
you shall receive none Ready Your Arrows Shouted  Wazey DO MESTIO! shouted Squishy tons killed cyborgs Blomban Cyborg Blow them up
Kill Him shouted wazey poiting to the Blomban Cyborg Ching a 5 arrows shot into blomban he jumped into the sewer gate right
under the long castle wall BOOM! 3 feet long of the middle of the castle blew up Wazey went Flying Into the field where the cyborgers where
Kill Him the armie charged right towards wazey UNDI WHO I ZEY squishydonut said with a unit of his men behind the castle wall ADELEY HIS MEN crashed
right into the ten thousand armie Squishy get your men out of there! Back to the keep!!! shouted wazeys father the cyborger commander shouted
Make farther line! Cyborgs charge the gate! lines of soldiers charging to break the gate

To Be continued
Written By Notherwise



I need someone who really knows their way around CP, and can post the lastest news, and events going on in Club Penguin. The requirments are: Must have a penguin that’s atleast a year old, know all the secrets of CP, and are a member. Comment below if you would like to be a CP news reporter.


Light Vs Dark 12 Written By Notherwise

“we march today” pendoray said to notherwise cashman and thelaw13 and yoho99
“Yes Sir Everyone Said, “Cashman ” Check Cyborgs Armor” Notherwise Said,  Yoho  Check and make
sure your soldiers are good and ready for battle, pendoray and thelaw13 check on our dark hawks
make sure there is no malfuctions Move Out” Pendoray Shouted 10 million Finest soldiers in order moving straight
into the cordinates  OH NO! notherwise said as millions of soldiers were marching their way all of a sudden everyone looked at our
war general thelaw13 no you didnt we all said, ummm Im going to go bye! no so fast everyone said poting their spikers automatic guns
and energyswords at him USN NOW thelaw13 shouted bullets shot all the usn soldiers werent with us! kill them pendoray shouted
as cyborgers killed all the usn 1 hour later Thelaw13 why did you do this? cyborg commander asked  ” I did it because light is going to
win this war ill assure that not so fast every cyborg and dark agent made a circle around them Cyborg Commander Pulled up thelaw13 by the
shirt hold up this wont be done easy he took his energysword right up thelaw13 gut they left him for the dead Cobra Now!!
Notherwise Shouted Into his microphone in his ear then a falcon crashed into their funnel exit  I practicly Made it Kobra Said
Good Pendoray Shouted  good to have you back Bro kobra said to notherwise  your bro yes notherwise interupted… lets continue
to march did you guys not no allie is my sister? notherwise said NO EVERYONE SAID me kobra and allie are related thats it our parents
died.. sadly well you guys are all what we  got notherwise said. its alright hey kobra allie i got you guys something
Oh goody a toy they both said nope! a dark hawk, a energysword, a spiker gun, dark armor, and frag smoke grenades
sweet  they both said alright move out they were all in the battlefield between the dark and light castle  Notherwise started
a speach Remember this day men give them nothing but blood but take from them everything notherwise said, wazey said low down Your Weapons
You Want them notherwise said come get them, wazey shouted Big flash bang suddenly 99 million soldiers infrong of him

to be continued,
Written By Notherwise


Light Vs Dark 11 By Notherwise

cobra I am very disappointed our army has lost the space battle, said wazeys father, dad give him a break said wazey

well cobra I am expecting more of you, dad hush cobra troops are in the dark side base said wazey, how? usn, hmmmmmm they all

laughed and they are going to turn on them when I give them the command said cobra how many do we have 99,0000 nice said wazey

and what about our light falcons? 5,0000 hmmm that’s good said wazey, wazeys your brothers are coming today. wh– who?

jmmjmm and squishydonut dad were coming in soon suddenly their castle broke on the roof nice landing wazey said

sarcastically we must march to bad allies is notherwise sister so she can tell us where the castle is she was always intense at

coordinates, their hiding spot is 123 321 1234 a dark voice said from the other side of the room allies everyone said excitedly

good our army marches what is our armies wazey asked allies USN They are real men, none are women, I was always told women would give birth

to real soldiers alright everyone get ready for war 99,0000 soldiers stood in front of the castle equipped with deadly automatic machine guns

but there is some soldiers at their base and when darkness marches we give the order then they all die ha-ha, men hold your grounds

till nightfall we have a surprise for them.. said wazeys father. who–at said wazey eagles… AWESOME…. well everyone hold your grounds

To Be Continued

Written By Notherwise


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Part 10 Written By Notherwise

We have been low for a long time said cashman are we.. notherwise interupted yes our friend is coming soon
with some soldiers hes brought from our old armie the Usn im going outside check my com for any detections on my radar
im picking something up. Yo..hoo 117 the voice said hmmm its yoho!! said notherwise oh no hes getting blown to bits by those light falcons
cyborgs get in your hawks notherwise shouted pendoray cashmman do whatever! every cyborg was holding a energysword and they were ready for combat
75 of the cyborgs zoomed in the air shooting falcons blowing up we dont have much time notherwise said pendoray cashman we need to hijack a light faclon
how we gonna do that! cashman said we dont know but im going in notherwise talk the 611 mechanical hawk and flew into the sky he saw a light falcon he jumped
out of his hawk and into a falcon he stabbed the soldier in it then checked the cordinates for the castle 111 222 312
pendoray shouted PULL BACK! they did  as told notherwise was the only one with a falcon into our ground close the funnel exit
suddenly the back way out opened! fire shouted the cyborg general NO! notherwise cashman and pendoray said at the same time
it was yoho.. he fell to the ground cuts scars bleeding blood all over the floor cyborgs take him to his medical center
then yoho com was ringing it was seargent thelaw13 i got the usn armie were coming in with mechanical dropships the whole armie was
there notherwise,cashman,pendoray,yoho99,usn,cyborgers, all their  they did enough mocks and damage to the lightside
notherwise said i remember something hey pendoray i got your final models of cyborg
OMG they ARE awesome! they had a spiker gun that shoots needels on their back a energysword on their side
and they were all holding magnifecent grenade launchers and they can go invisable notherwise said
HOLY FREAKIN Darkness pen said how many 10 million still processsing for more nice cash said we will win..
what about the usn armie pendoray said they got Armor dark frag grenades and Automatic Gun we make our stand and march at nightfall
we will go around there gates to the moutains then there  numbers will matter for nothing but looks said cashman whats the cordinates again
111 222 312…

To Be Continued

Written By Notherwise

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